April 2014      Custom Audio-Video Systems has from time to time been asked to incorporate Bio-Security into an environment for heightened monitoring of an entrance, possibly into a restricted area or building. This type of security goes beyond the code requests of a number-lock to the identifying of a specific person given authorization to make the door open request. There are Thumb Identifiers, Palm or Hand Identifiers and Iris (eye) both single and dual identifiers available. Some are weatherproof and can be used outdoors... others not. Bio-security products offer unmatched security with only DNA being more accurate. They typically can be added at most anytime to augment an existing system for Home (Smart Home), Business or Marine use and have a range of software that can be extended for cameras to Face Recognition.

Custom Audio-Video Systems orders all Security Products specific to their owners needs and system design perimeters. We have access to many major brands, models, types, styles, colors and special offers within brands. Just give us a call (203) 234-1303 or email to discuss your particular needs.