Building or Remodeling .....   The Smart Home


The NEW BUILD is the most favored construction type when talking about adding features controlled by technology systems and sub-systems. More product can be had and installed easily, for everything is accessible which allows the exact placement of controls and the materials they serve. Time is taken during our consultation of the project to ask the right questions and offer the options available.

The REMODEL........   It is much harder to design in the features during a remodel but not impossible.  It is never early enough to begin a process with an A/V professional during the planning stage of any type of construction or Remodel process. It allows all parties the chance to be involved, and allows iterations in design, needed attention to detail and a win - win for all.

The Smart Home can mean many things to many people. Not all the options are always instituted in all designs because of the personal lifestyle nature to the product.  For an example, depending on the size of the home, Lighting Control might or might not be requested but added on a limited scale. (Ex. Turn on the rear yard light switch in the Garage while in the Master Bedroom) In a large home, the Lighting Control might be programmed to set ALL the required lighting to host a party with one finger touch or just to set certain areas. In this example the number of occupants within the home does not compute into the request for Lighting Control, it simply becomes a needed feature and convenience.

This is the reason our main hub (control interface) can be purchased in portions related to what works for the homeowners. Smart Homes are built on the network (WiFi) within, which comes into focus on the design, regardless of the options requested to work within the Smart Home, Business or Yacht. Where the product fits in at all times, might be in water consumption (Sprinkler systems), Electric Use monitoring, Security (Camera) System issues both on site and remote, Entertainment Systems, Multiple Zone Audio and Video delivery and other common areas. Remember it is designed to provide Features and Conveniences, and all are personal tastes and lifestyle issues.

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