Control Systems   

Control Systems cover a wide area in ability. Their makeup in sub-control products come in varying levels of sophistication and the need to qualify the total amount of overall control, needs to be determined and addressed to FIT the right system to the customer. A control system can be as little as a Wireless (RF) one way hand-held wand to command a number of components behind a cabinetry door, to a more complex Wireless (LAN) two-way system that can set schedules of Sprinklers, Lighting, and more, bringing it into the Smart Home level of commands. Interfaces come in Wand (handheld) or Touch Panel access. A System might be called out to start simple with future expansion and so all that information from the customer, of what is to be expected both now and in the future goes into the recommendation of the correct Control System. It might also be called on to perform a series of steps (Macro) when a single button is pushed which not only puts intuitive control in place but requires the system to know more about itself before making the changes requested. All that necessary computation is worked into the programming of a complete Control System whether it be small and simple or large and more complex.

Control in itself is done in many realms such as: Infrared Control (Data Commands over Light waves), Radio Frequency (Data Commands over High Frequency Air waves), RS-232 (Serial Data Commands over Wire), LAN (Data Commands Wired or Wireless WiFi), WAN (Data Commands over the Internet) or in a complex system, a combination of all methods. The choice made by an experienced integrator will take advantage of the different methods, to ease the process, and develop the greatest integrity to the transfer of data, be it a small or large system.

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Custom Audio-Video Systems designs and orders all Control Systems on an as needed basis but maintain supporting parts for extended service. All controls are programmed to the customers' specific needs and a single copy of the System Programming is left and downloaded on site into the control (s). Software programming is classified as the intellectual property of Custom Audio-Video Systems, Inc.

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