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Digital Signage / Self Contained Remote / Local Advertising  (Niche Retail, Health Facilities, Service, Restaurant and Food/Beverage Industry)


A very powerful form of advertising for a variety of Businesses and/or Services. From Hair and Nail Salons or Barber Shops, to Restaurants, and Bars. In a fixed position within the Doctor's waiting room, or Medical Emergency and Health Care Facilities, to a portable system for Caterers and Food Trucks. The scope of Digital Signage is what your particular business sells and performs. Your preference to show your products and services, is where the distinction becomes truly owned by your imagination.

Content ......

Digital Signage has been positioned to show Products, Prices, Specials, Services, News and more, saving time and creating sales while informing your clients and customers. The displays can be set to stream a news feed in a particular area of the screen while a menu stays static in another and your particulars get brought into the remaining space, or your advertising message can take the entire area of your display. Custom Audio-Video Systems can build your system hand in hand and help determine and decide how your particular advertising is displayed. Content is KING and we can pull colors and feel of pages from existing menus, place-cards or whatever is established in the style of your business. Form and style can also be developed to be entirely NEW !


A Display size can vary from Tablet size (Restaurant Table) to Video Wall Size and the Digital Message can take the entire size of the display or portioned to a pre-determined area on larger displays. This is also an area where individual preference and available space has its say in the display size. Multiple displays can produce the same message or different messages, at the same time or sequenced. The message can be 24/7 or set manually or automatically. The choice is up to You.

Software / Program.........

How a message, menu or picture is delivered is dictated very much by what already exists. Custom Audio-Video produces all content locally and in-house. Past advertising colors, palette of the main room, pictures, specific dinners.... it all goes into constructing what we call the "Look of the Page" and the look of the business. That look can also move on the fly and be manipulated by segmenting or partitioning areas. Give us a call, we can explain our process and show examples to better the understanding of this dynamic advertising medium. We also have a program to teach on-site personnel how to perform updates and generate content.

A Digital Signage System consists of three distinct areas in basic form. 


Some uses:

Waiting Area Kiosk -  Offering an up-close view of pertinent information. Display Size can be scaled and Touch Control can be applied if the application supports the need.

Table Tablets  A small 8 - 10" display can be carried by a Hostess or Waitress or built into a table or wall, playing to seated customers, a sharp, well positioned image of the business and specials.

Counter (Hostess) Displays Tend to be smaller in size (20-24") and again are positioned within their location for maximum effectiveness.

Deli or Reception Counter - Spell out your daily standard offerings, Specials, New Products, Times of Operation and more.

Video Wall - A large self expression of local advertising in a LARGE FORMAT.

The above list can be as extensive as the list of different business offerings. Your unique business features and offerings is about your style and form. Give us a call for a personal technology assessment of your business.










A Finance Program is available from Marlin Finance          

Digital Signage Service can benefit anyone or any particular business getting their respective message out and in a specific manner of preference.

Depending on your requirements, systems may be shipped directly, Plug in and Operate. Updated of Content can be handled in a number of ways.. just ask us how.

Call to discuss your particular need, idea or question. Digital Signage can work extremely well when tailored to reach your customer.

Custom Audio-Video provides a complete and full array of Design and Installation services related to Digital Signage. 

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