Installation Services .....

Custom Audio-Video  is always ready to provide and apply installation services to engineered designs. Installation services are billed accordingly, based on logistics, location and conditions and can apply to all Residential, Business and Marine Systems.

Some Installation Service areas:   

 Multi-Zoned Audio, Video Displays ( Flat Panel, Front Projection, DLP, LCos LCD, LED, OLED), Home Theater (Family Room) Systems, Dedicated (Full Feature /  Build out to Final Control Instruction) Theater Rooms, Computer (Wired and Wireless) Networks, Multi-Line Telephone Systems, Surveillance (Security) Camera Systems (Local and IP), Power and Signal Flexible Systems (International), Motorized Cabinetry, Outdoor Venue Displays and Systems, Digital Signage (Niche Business and Retail), Custom Touch Panel Controls Both Wired and Wireless among others.

All equipment is installed according to manufacturing specifications. Issues of  proper ventilation, serviceability and expandability are always a installation consideration. 

Materials fall under a policy in that:

To view a sample of completed installations, please visit our Gallery.

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