The MX-3000 is a programmable RF, whole house control with fully customizable Active Matrix Color Touch Screens. Unparalleled Macro capability - IR Commands, Varibles, top change Button Text and Graphics, Even Multiple Page Jumps during a Macro. Controls up to 255 devices with an Award-Winning Lightweight, Ergonomic Design. Any Button or Macro can beep, Sing or Talk using PC recorded WAV files. When used with Universal Remote Control's MSC-400, the MX-3000 becomes a very intuitive control with triggered macros, RS-232 and relay control, video and voltage sensors and rock-solid Narrow-Band RF control. Let Custom Audio-Video Systems demonstrate the MX-3000 for you. Call for details.

Specifications for MX-3000 Remote Control

RF Frequency 418 MHz - Range  50 - 100 FT.

IR Line of Sight Range 50 - 100 Ft.

Unit Size 9.0" x 3.0" x 1.3" Deep       LCD Size 3.0" x 2.1"       

Batteries Four AAA Alkaline (included)         Weight 11 oz. w/Batteries

Memory Capacity 912 macro Buttons of up to 190 steps each

More Than 1500 IR Commands with up to 87 Custom Labeled Screens

Memory backup - Smart memory backup system that will retain the programmed memory for up to ten years, even with dead batteries.

Remote Warranty - Two Year Parts & Labor