Component Mounts   

Custom Audio-Video Systems, Inc. supplies many forms of Mounts. Mounts for Speakers, Video Panels, Tail-gate specific, Exotic Systems in various sizes and specifications. Choosing the correct mount is essential to starting the project correctly. Weight, Movement, Structure, Color, and other factors go into specifying the correct mount. The least expensive mount is not always the most adequate. Our Designs over the years have dealt with motorized, fixed, seasonal, environment and a host of other controls and conditions. The mounts below are just a sample.





Custom Audio-Video Systems orders all mounts and accessories needed, specific to their projects' needs. We do not stock in quantity and most orders can take a few weeks to deliver. They are worked into our overall progress work load when we find ourselves in a full design to arrive on time for final fit-up.  We have access to many specific products, some  of which are controlled (vertical build) type products and most require construction build in varying degrees to fit in this category.

Just give us a call (203) 234-1303 or email we will be happy to talk about the options available.