Outdoor Weatherproof / Marine TVs   

Custom Audio-Video Systems supplies TVs and Screens for both Outdoor/Marine TV Viewing and Kiosks. A product of this nature is very robust in its build to counter natural and man-made elements. There are choices in the methods to accomplish the weather-proofing of a flat screen product. One method is to use a Standard Panel within an Environmental Enclosure. The second is to use a modified (water-proof) panel which sits directly exposed to the environment and elements.

A project that specifies an outdoor panel, comes with its own set of conditions related to the correct mounting of the panel. An analysis is normally done to assure that all conditions including range of operating temperature, among other design elements are factored. Typical Sizes range in the 40" to 201" diagonal, with most sets in the "LED" technology. Panels in enclosures can also be of a Plasma technology if the operational temperatures and outside conditions are met.

When sizing a TV for a particular space, go for the largest that will fit but not over power its area. In the case of Digital Signage or Kiosks be concerned of physical screen size as related to Font size/distance. Some areas of concern when fitting a model are: Typical Viewing Distance and Area - Artificial and Natural Light - Exposure (NSEW) to viewing side of panel, Typical makeup of Content Viewed - among other design issues. A Custom Integrator should factor all elements prior to designating a model.

Custom Audio-Video Systems orders all Outdoor TV product specific to a project. We do not stock and orders could take a few weeks to arrive. Our order on demand method allows us to offer our customers the very latest in next generation screens and features and also eliminate unwanted  non-applicable features. We access to many major brands, models, types, styles, colors and special offers.

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