SONY's 4096 x 2160 Native Resolution and 2000 Lumens of Lampless Technology assures the crisp, bright         images will come straight through to your theater viewers. Using a frame rate of 60P and a combination of an Ultra Short Throw Lens System delivers the image of up to 147 inches diagonal from between ZERO and 7 inches from the front wall. The over-all size of the unit is 49-1/4" x 21-1/8" x 10-1/2" and includes a Remote that will control the unit by IR, RS-232 and IP.


Custom Audio-Video Systems orders all projectors specific to their project. We take all perimeters into account to develop the best fit. Our method allows us to offer our customers the very latest in current generation and related features.  A few perimeters to consider: Room Size, Screen Size, Aspect ratios, Projector technology, Theater Build and Style, Ambient Light, Throw Distance, Budget and more. All new considerations would take in a discussion on the 2D vs. 3D element and the 2K vs. 4K differences. On very large screens a process of multiple projectors and edge-blending becomes a consideration.

We have access to all major brands, models, types, styles, colors and special offers. Just give us a call (203) 234-1303. We take projection systems / rooms from the basic design to completion including Room Build and compliments.