Custom Audio-Video Systems has many types, sizes, lenses and details all the specifications surrounding a complete security camera (Surveillance) request as a project to its own. Many factors go into selecting the correct camera for the job, including to be seen or not, specific area to be covered, and other factors. Analog and Digital cameras vary in form and factor and are discussed in our initial overview and evaluation of the property or household. We have ability to make a stealth design unique to its surroundings and our background in microchip development allows us to go further then the off the shelf models to give a true custom integration of the products if so needed. Security cameras work well into the Smart Home and in some cases can be viewed from a remote location.

Custom Audio-Video Systems orders all Security Products specific to their owners needs. We do not stock in quantity and most orders can take a time to arrive.  We have access to many major brands, all models, types, styles, colors and special offers within brands. Just give us a call (203) 234-1303 or email.