Outdoor Speakers   

    Outdoor Speakers are in a class of their own. Weather-Resistant and Weather-Proof variations and a few different levels of weatherproof design. For instance, an IP 65 classification would mean the speaker is fully protected against Dust and protected from Low Pressure Jets if watered from all directions with limited ingress permitted. Having an  IP 65 rating goes hand in hand with a bit of additional cost. Weatherproof Speakers typically come in White or Black and most can be painted to match the mounting surface. When considering a ROCK or PLANTER type of speaker, color, size and shape allows assimilation into their surroundings. Colors vary in the Rock Speaker variations to match Stone Granite, Sandstone or other natural rock colors and a Terracotta or Stucco color in the Planter versions, which also can be painted to match. Ultraviolet light plays a part in the breakdown of the materials used in the form and some products perform much better then others in certain circumstances.

Warrantees vary from a year to lifetime depending on manufacture. Custom Audio-Video Systems offers custom system designs for larger areas and the custom building and development of  large (Car Size) Custom Rock Systems if the landscape and budget allows.


Custom Audio-Video Systems special orders outdoor speaker systems, but maintains a compliment of samples for viewing at our showroom.

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