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Custom Audio-Video Systems can supply TVs and Screens from 1-1/2" Diagonal to over 200" Diagonal in assorted technologies. Not all TVs and screens are created the same and not all will fulfill your specific needs. Keep in mind we are describing self-contained TVs and Screens and not Front Projector /  Screen combinations where the size can be much larger. To give a brief size description category;

1. Any screen below 42" must be LCD, LED, or OLED (Consumer & Commercial Models Vary in $$, Features and Build Factors)

2. Any screen at or above 42" can be LCD, LED, OLED  (Consumer & Commercial Models Vary in $$, Features and Build Factors)

Don't believe all the hype you hear and read on the brand named screens for the specifications can be interpreted quite differently by each company. We like to gather all information, make the positive quantitative comparisons and use our personal experience with known companies and product. Information that includes, screens that are failing most at the local repair shop and why they are failing which can determine how well the manufacturing process is supporting the product regardless of the specifications. This failure information also allows a peek into the attitude of the engineering process of a particular manufacture. It can sometimes tell of short cuts being taken at the consumer's expense. Summary; To get the best viewing screen for the customer.

When sizing a TV for a particular space, go for the largest that will fit but not over power its area. Some areas of concern when choosing a model should be: Room Size - Seating Distance - Viewing Distance and Area - Artificial and Ambient Light - Typical Content Viewed - and other important factors !  Summary; To get the best viewing screen for the customer.

Custom Audio-Video Systems orders most TVs specific to needs. We do not stock in quantity and most orders take a few days to arrive. This method allows us to offer our customers the very latest in next generation screens and features and also eliminate the features (equating to $$ saved) that would  not be used per our customer. We have access to all major brands, models, types, styles, colors and special offers. Just give us a call (203) 234-1303 or email.