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The ViA! by Elan Home Systems with capabilities to control Audio. Video, Cameras, Security, Internet Access*, Lighting*, Home Theater*, Climate*, Handyman* functions such as Sprinklers, Garage Doors, Unlock a gated Entrance, at a touch of  finger. 

No plain vanilla here. You'll see vibrant colors, slick graphics and icons... even full motion video. That's right... view TV, movies and cameras on the VIA! The display is intuitive and easy to use. Our programming expertise at Custom Audio-Video Systems will make each VIA! customized to your taste. Too Sweet!

Beneath its delectable appearance, the VIA! delivers quick, precision control of audio/video sources, televisions or anything that uses infrared. One-touch accuracy that can satisfy any control appetite. Custom Audio-Video Systems can also change its button appearance to coincide with your decor.

*requires VIA! controllers HC-8 or RC-1