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This is one of our newest and coolest products. The ViA!dj is a music server by description. It allows a home owner to load in 240 -2600 hours of music based on three (3) compression rates and one uncompressed rate. This boils down to approximately 195 uncompressed CDs to 2113 fully compressed (128Kb/s) or somewhere in between based on a variable compression rate.

Once you have the music loaded the ViA!dj will go online to download the disc information and Cover Art for the disc. This feature works best on a Cable or DSL internet hookup. Up to four (4) different music outputs can be supplied at the same time to different locations in your home. The ViA!dj works best with the ViA! touchpanel and allows full control of choice, selection and volume at a touch of a button. The ViAdj can operate standalone and be monitored from your TV or any video device (some additional black box components will be needed). If you use the Elan Home Systems, ViA! for operation, the touch panel looks like this when in operation and asked to "open" a particular album,and allows full navigation through your CD music collection. With the addition of Xiva Producer (free Software) you can easily surf through your collection and create custom playlists for entertaining, dancing, workout or whatever your lifestyle demands. Contact Custom Audio-Video Systems for a ViA!Dj demonstration today.