Custom Services .......

Our Custom Service provides specific designed solutions for architectural firms, builders, business, home and boat owners. Designed Electronic Systems, Mechanical Fixtures, both Fixed and Motorized and other one of a kind processes that address specifics. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular project.  

GET THE RIGHT SOUND ..... Designs related to Sound and acoustics are processed through our proprietary "Resonant Frequency" program. It first evaluates dimensions pertaining to axial mode standing waveform generation, to determine if boundaries should be adjusted or compensated. The program is a three phase process which fine tunes the unqualified first pass boundary results with window / door areas, and again with final room materials to achieve a sound room that starts at a better design position and excels from that point on forward.

Check our page for orphaned custom goods, called On The Shelf . Please feel free to visit and contact us for more information if the product fits your need.


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