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Custom Audio-Video provides a full array of design services related to low voltage systems. All are accomplished using CAD and other design software products resulting in a professional, neat, easy to understand package of information. Designs typically center around Sound (Audio), Pictures (Video), Data (Information) and Control (Ease of Operation), in areas of Communication, Security, Productivity, Convenience, and Entertainment.

Design Packages consist of materials needed to fully understand the scope and cost of the project at hand. Basic system overviews, schematics, material lists, schedules, cost sheets and other components which cover integration of our products and structured wiring, are used to explain and justify the project materials.  For example, a typical whole house design may include physical layout dimensions of a Custom Dedicated Theater Room,  supplemented with electrical interconnection designs of components and their workings, it may include specific areas of (Surveillance) Camera coverage, the backbone structure of a Computer Network, and /or a specific solution type of design which addresses a customer request. We offer acoustics analysis, HVAC and Lighting control integration and other peripheral designs which ultimately become integrated into the overall basic design and or become an extension thereof. Assorted graphics and text explanations, cut-sheets and engineering information may be included to explain our thought and flow of a particular design process.

A Broad Brush of Past Designs:

Audio Distribution (Single and Multiple Zones, Assorted Independent Controls, Control & Storage of Media, TCP/IP, RF Wireless Multi-Room, Streaming Services)

Video Distribution (Broadband, Radio Frequency, Frequency Agile Modulation, HDMI, Compressed/Decompressed HDTV, IPTV)

Control Systems (Infrared, Radio Frequency, IP, Button, Touch-Panel, Smart Phone and Tablet) and combinations of all listed and available formats.

Dedicated and Home Theaters (Physical Elevations, Room Acoustics - A Collaboration of Electronic Technologies and components, used in unison and configured into an easily operable system)

Surveillance Camera Systems (Analog, IP, Mixed Signal, Recorded Backup, Smartphone and computer Remote Access)

Phone Systems (Full Featured PBX w/Door Answer/Open, Full Intercom, Multiple CO Lines)

Intercom Systems (Voice, Video, Modulated Distribution)

Marine Systems (Ocean Going Motor and Sailing Vessels requiring World Wide Signal, Voltage Capabilities)

Business Systems (Asset protection, Background Music, Intercom, Conference and Media Meeting and Conference Rooms)

Digital Signage (DOOH) / Self Contained Local Advertising  (Niche Retail, Restaurant and Food/Beverage Industry) Telling the Company story and/or explaining products and services.

Remote Property Protection (Recorded Documentation / Surveillance, HVAC Control and Monitoring among Other Specialized Requests)

Unique and Specific issues (Solutions attained through the Implementation of Electronic Parts & Systems for a specific cause or solution) stealth detection and reporting of information.

Designing in tandem, with an architecture firm, interior designer and/ or general contractor, but above all, in communication with the client, always results in the best balance of functionality and features. Whether your plans are to build the Ultimate Home Theater or simply incorporate Digital Signage into your business, we can provide the full design process, supporting documentation, material specifications and lists to make each step of the plan easier to implement. Our design processes are charged hourly with support costs. Retainers are required and Custom Audio Video Systems can be contracted for the entire process of Design through Installation or any part of the process thereof (As custom integrators, we prefer to follow our design to finish). A requirement for fully Contracted Design through Installation is the adherence and support of our MSBO policy. (See MSBO Policy)

Custom Audio-Video Systems can also provide Architecture Firms, General Contractors, or Homeowners  with a pre-assembled and configured, structured system, designed as requested and assembled at our facility, complete with installation instructions, for Pre-Wiring and with Design Document support. The pre-assembled system would then be installed with on-site personal of your choosing. The entire packaged system can be picked up at our facility or dropped shipped to your destination. More complex systems, requiring backgrounds in specific wiring techniques and programming as well as use of proprietary software controlled by our dealership, are not available for shipment. Please contact our office for details.

Support for our Digital Signage is accomplished with specific Hardware and unique Graphics designed and tailored to our client.  Graphics are custom generated on site at Custom A/V Systems and can be updated at the client's site in a number of ways, some of which are very transparent to the client's everyday activities. Please contact our office for more details.

A sample of Design Documentation. Click to enlarge, use your back button to return.                      

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