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    C-Seed Giant 201" Outdoor TV     September 2011

    Just as it seems we have heard and or seen it all..... once again innovation excels.  Austrian TV manufacturer C-SEED has come up with an exceptional product designed by Porsche Design Studios. A 201" diagonal LED Outdoor TV that rises out of the ground to 15 feet in the air and unfolds in less then 40 seconds.

Features:         1.  Contains 7 Separate LED panels    2. 100,000 Hz refresh rate    3. High resolution retina LED Display in a 16: 9 Aspect Ratio

                        4. HD Video Transmission    5. Digital and Analog inputs      6. 42 Bit Color depth        

                        7. Biometric Fingerprint scan on the Remote Control    8. Wind and Temperature Sensors to Protect the unit from harsh Environments

                        9. Adjustable height and Rotation up to 135 degrees in either direction    10.   6 Built-in Speakers and 3 built-in Subwoofers

                        11. Built-in Lasers so the unit will not deploy if someone or something is too close to it

                        12. Accepts Wireless HD Signals        13. Compatible with Home Automation Systems

To get a look just click below or copy and paste the YOUTUBE address below into your browser search window. This particular feature is computer generated.

For a look at a real Installation in James Bond style....


To check out the Outdoor Brightness Test with comparison to a 65" standard LED TV ..............


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