Building .....   The Component Costs Associated with a 6 Zone Music System


We would like to discuss the materials associated with a current design of a 6 Zone Digital Music System.

First, we have to set some particulars to our analysis related to the cost list. Many factors in design, are related to the size of the home, the location (logistics), the level of the homes' build quality (cost per foot) and the expressed features both wanted and needed.  At times the needed features are in coordination with the music system, sometimes in addition to the music system but not necessarily the music system itself. For this reason we have narrowed our focus to the materials for a 6 Zone Digital Music System alone.

System ability and Components that are included are underlined and appear in GREEN:

NOTE: The expansion of a Digital Smart Home System is almost limitless and would require additional Technical Design, Materials and Software Programming to complete. The responsibilities of the system beyond the 6 Zone Music portion, both now and in the future, should be brought forth in the conceptual time of the design and discussion, regardless of the time frame for inclusion into the System Controller. In other words, all wants and needs should be factored in from the start. The reason for the overall view is there are particulars that go along with each of the possibilities listed above and some are time and/or construction process dependent.

            1. The System described is a modern design that works within the WiFi network of the home or business. 

                                        The System Controller (#8 Below) can manage many tasks, all of which can be expanded upon, and are not limited to:

                                                                                             Thermostat (HVAC) Control and Scheduling,

                                                                                              Lighting (One room or many with Macros (I'm Home)) Control and Scheduling,

                                                                                              Video (Streaming or Theater or Media Room Component /Software) Control and Distribution,

                                                                                               Security (Perimeter, Surveillance Cameras, Biometrics, Locks) Control,

                                                                                               Pool (Spa) Control and Scheduling

                                                                                                Irrigation (Sprinklers) Control and Scheduling

                                                                                                And OTHER (Personal Lifestyle Products)


        2. Network Capability (Wifi) is an important part of this system. Costs of the materials related to the Network backbone have not been included. The Network size and the materials needed are a variable.

        3. Twelve Speakers with Pre-Construction Rings are included. Speakers are standard  6-1/2" diameter with polypropylene cones and soft dome tweeters. (May be upgraded or expanded upon)

                NOTE: This is a SIX Zone system with 6 powered and 2 pre-amp out signal capability. This component can be stack with more digital amplifiers to expand out controllable zones

        4. Two Sources are included. More can be added if needed. The number of sources is usually a direct relation to the number of residents and zones within the local.

                                    1. Streaming Music Receiver,  Streaming Box will receives Pandora, vTuner (Internet Radio), Sirius [Account needed], Rhapsody [Account Needed].

                                       NOTE:  Each streaming unit is considered ONE source regardless of it capabilities.

                                    2. iPod Dock  IPod itself is not supplied within this exercise.

                                       NOTE: Each DOCK is considered ONE source and multiple DOCKS can be added to expand our personal music capabilities.

        5. A 12 channel Power Amplifier (6 Powered Stereo Zones) independent Volume/Tone,  independent source choice and additional  Two Pre-Out Zones that need additional amplification.

                                        NOTE: Pre-Out Zones are usually used to expand to many speakers to cover Outdoor areas or other large areas where more speakers are needed to balance sound.

        6. A  Graphical In-Wall 3.5" Touch Screen  Wall Control for selecting source choice / setting independent volumes as well as linking rooms together for common source. (Can be expanded)

        7. A single 8 position MAC Filtered Switch is added for connecting to the existing Network

        8. A System Controller for interface between the Network (Local / Outside World) and System in general. (HUB)

        Costs of equipment above (in Green) LESS THEN $10K "Due to equipment changes over time, we ask that you please call for a personal and up to date estimate".

SUMMARY:  The above system would deliver a streaming music source (Pandora, or vTuner) at no additional membership charge, More streaming services are available for a fee (Pandora Premium, XM Satellite, and Rhapsody with more to come). It would have a dock for an iPod (iPod not supplied) and have the ability for an input from a Bluetooth source placed within 35 feet of the system. It's 6 zones, which can be expanded to 32,  would operate independently for source, volume, treble and bass adjustments. The Zones may have an outdoor zone (s) and their speakers would have to be in a weather-resistant or weather-proof designs. The outdoor zone may have more then one pair of speakers and can be of a garden (Stone) variety. The system can link many zones for a party or gathering and make the control of source occur in all linked areas. Total Control is what is strived for and accomplished.


Other Materials Needed (Wire, Housing / Rack, Hardware......), Overall (Labor) Installation, Programming and On-Site costs are additional.

Speakers are typically / approximately 1/3 of above material costs on a 6 zone system. If by chance your Speaker zones were wired from a previous system, it would naturally reduce costs and upgrade existing system to gain all control elements and options mentioned above.                                                                 

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