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    Ways to Hide the TV   October  2015

 By Robert Lieto

    In certain situations, the question comes up " Can we HIDE the TV". Many individuals are taken back by a Very Large Black Rectangle strapped to their walls. Some spend countless hours to pick and choose the elements of the particular room and are very concerned when the Very Large Black Rectangle gets top billing and attention to overcome the effort put in to pull the room together.  Custom Integrators (CIs) are usually thrown into the turbulence of this great debate and at times must come up with an alternative or method to satisfy all concerned. I have listed below some of the methods we incorporate when confronted with this dilemma.





Comment .....   As you can see, there are many ways to move or hide the screen. The next great idea in hiding the screen could be within your home, business or vessel.  Contact Custom Audio-Video Systems for your own personalized design. (203) 234-1303

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