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    World's Largest OLED TV    January 2012

 By Robert Lieto

    LG the second largest player in the Flat Panel business has just announced that it will bring to the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas January 10 - 13, 2012, a consumer grade OLED TV. It is said to be a 55 inch model billed as the world's largest. It is also the worlds thinnest at (5mm) 3/16" thick and weighting in at 16.5 lbs.

    It is said that they have addressed the problems encountered when trying to super-size the OLED panels that the consumer knows today as their cell phone screen. It boasts a contrast ratio of 100,000 : 1 and a wider color gamut then today's LCD screens. OLED technology has several other benefits in that with a light chassis, there is no need for a permanent lit backlight, consuming less power.

    The downside is its price. The 15 inch EL9600 OLED TV is currently being sold in the U.K. for about $2300.00 USD, and the 31" version for about $9000.00 USD. And based on that formula, it is estimated that the 55" will sell for somewhere in the $30,000.00 USD area. The screen which is introduced at CES will go on sale in 2013.

Comment .....   It will be interesting to hear all the specifications on the OLED TV, due to the inherent properties of  OLED itself which, depending on color, has limits on its overall useable or viewable life. 

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