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    The Man Cave Pt. 1  August 2015  

         By Robert Lieto

     The Man Cave has evolved from other descriptions like: the Family Room... ... Recreation Room.....  Media Room... and Theater Room to get to its current description. Yes, it is a room and it typically has the essential components, but its transformation is more character then technical. It usually is built around multiple video screens which could be a combination of large Front Projection type or typical LCD / LED / OLED Flat Screens. The seating is not always the rows of leather recliners with stepped seating designed into a dedicated theater, but could be again a combination of whatever seating compliments the THEME and is allowed by the area under discussion. Yes, a THEME is the thread that pulls together the best Man Caves. Once a theme is decided the wall art, artifacts and even the color(s) can come together quickly.  Now, we have worked designs that started as a Dedicated Theater and filled in the elements that brought it to Man Cave level as an after thought. Additions of Soda Fountains, Pin Ball Games, Golf Simulators, Sports Trophy cases, Eating Booths or tables, Gaming (Xbox, PS4, Wii, ....) Areas, Adult Bar, and other lifestyle elements can be incorporated and fill in the total area allowed. The level of build also becomes a factor as related to budget.

The planning starts with the room dimensions that incorporate the allowed areas of use. The CI (Custom Integrator) then adds the technical elements for each area such as:  Sound (audio), Pictures (Video), Control Methods, and Automation of features, if needed. Next the Interior Design of the flooring materials, ceiling type, fabrics, colors, wall art and the like. And remember, it is always a detailed plan well executed that gives the best final results. So, if you are thinking about sprucing up an unused room or basement area...... give us a call. It can become the best family and friends gathering spot in your home.

Comment ..... There are many experienced home renovation contractors or electricians that may lead you to believe they can design and build a MAN CAVE. There are many technical aspects to the space that understandably do not take front and center by renovators or electricians but are major issues to the Custom Integrator.  Have your Man Cave designed by a licensed Custom Integrator who can Design/Build the space and get it right.  If this a part of a larger A/V/I project, hire the Custom Integrator to guide your builder through the design, which would be in your best interest.

Any comments or questions, just give us a call (203) 234-1303 or an email to "".  Custom Audio-Video Systems can be hired to facilitate just DESIGN and Specification if necessary.

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