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    Here Comes NED !   November 2005

 By Robert Lieto

    Just when you thought you had it all understood about the latest TV Displays. When you finally sorted all the facts out and came up with your preference for your future, whenever that might be, TV. Just when you thought you had it all covered a new kid on the block emerges. A TV that claims exceptional picture quality in a slimmer form factor (under 1" Thick) and built with the latest in Carbon Nanotube Technology. This latest design technique from Motorola will give the Toshiba/Canon SED type design a run for its money.

     Motorola Labs has recently introduced the first flat screen color video display based on carbon nanotube technology called the NED for Nano Emissive Display. Motorola will present this revolutionary technique at the NASA Tech Briefs' NANO 2005,  Nano engineering conference, November 10-11, at the Boston Marriott Newton.

    Optimized for a large-screen, high-definition TV (HDTV) that is less than one inch thick, the Motorola Labs' 5-inch prototype display uses NED technology, a scalable method of growing carbon nanotubes directly on glass to create a design that excels at emitting electrons. Motorola estimates the manufacture cost for a 40-inch NED panel (I am assuming, glass only) could be less than $400.

If you have not heard about Carbon Nanotube technology get to your nearest library for carbon nanotubes have the ability to change every know material in existence today to a better one. 

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