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    OLED $$ to Go Down    December 2012

 By Robert Lieto

    OLED Tvs are hitting the store shelves this December and early 2013 in 55" screen sizes and likely to draw more consumer eyes then dollars. The average cost of a 55" OLED TV is $ 10,000.00 USD.  Manufactures have another concern in that  OLED TVs, LCD TVs and solar panels rely on a material that could have potential shortages. Idium is the material used in indium tin oxide (ITO) a material used for the anode of the transistors to turn on the individual pixels. It is both conductive and transparent making it perfect for displays.

Because of Idium's growing cost and limited availability, and because it is somewhat brittle, it is not suitable for future flexible displays. That could be the reason scientists have been looking for an alternative and believe to have found it. The new substance is actually a 15 year old polymer poly (aka PEDOT:PSS). Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University's Microelectronics Research Center recently announced a multi-layer fabrication technique that improves conductivity and transparency. And although the version of PED:PSS is not superior to the best ITO in performance as  a basic transparent conductor, the PED:PSS based devices are more efficient. And the Polymer is flexible, low cost and not in short supply. This development will help with reducing the manufacturing costs of large OLED TV panels, which is good news for consumers.

Comment .....   The  process improvements in mining and recapture of  Idium has improved capacity and the industry and has made effort to improve indium availability to the market. It is said that Indium is as abundant in the Earth's crust as silver and remains like other metals or resources, having short term availability and markets which  fluctuate intermittently due to numerous factors. So, the prices, materials and flexibility for large screen Tvs will be a dominate item in many research facilities in the coming months to make the OLED Tv the go to in the industry.

UPDATE: February 2013 - LG took orders for 100 OLED TVs at the CES 2013, whereas SAMSUNG has delayed delivery until 2014.

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