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    Quantum Dots  December 2011

    We just picked up on a new format for flat panel display of image. In today's world, flat panel displays rely on a support structure, sheet of glass with either  backlit liquid crystals, gas bubbles (Plasma), or some other solution that requires the screen to have a decent amount of thickness and no flexibility. Enter Quantum Dots, the TV that could literally be printed and folded up to fit in your pocket. 

What is mainly driving the search for other display types, are the shortages of rare earth materials that go into every flat panel display. This manufacturer drive has brought us to consider Quantum Dots. Quantum Dots work by passing electricity, or even ultraviolet light, through a crystal, the size of which determines the color it puts out. Much like the water level related to sound when playing tunes on crystal wine glasses. The dots can be self-illuminating, or act more in an e-ink capacity using far less power than the panels we enjoy today.

The colors produced are very bright and need little energy. They have generated huge excitement in the industry for they can produce a picture far superior to the LCD televisions of today and depending on the actual achievable color accuracy, and brightness, you could have a full wall home theater screen of your dreams without a projector, in any size or shape you desire. It could be hung like wallpaper, use very little power, generate zero noise and little heat. 

Like all claims before and to come, it is what makes it to market that will be the next big display thing or process. What Quantum Dots does have to offer is hypothetical infinite contract, ability to eliminate the throw distance needed for that very large screen and become a display that can be set-up and moved at will.

Our Comment .....  The future in flat panel displays will change. Plasma and LCD will become a past technology some day,  the question is when, how and how much. What is surprising is the speed of change. Can the market keep the changes from rolling over themselves and creating a consumer overload as well as causing past technology from eating the market they are trying to create. Keep an eye open for Quantum Dots.

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