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    Keep it Green... Recycle    May 2008

 By Robert Lieto

    With the sales of new flat panel TVs on the rise, somewhat driven by the changeover to Digital TV in February 2009, I though I would lend some help to folks sitting on the fence that do not know whether to trade up or keep their old tube type TV. The same can be said for older audio video equipment in general. When the new product is purchased, the question is... what should you do with the old equipment. Leaving it out at the curb is easy but not always the right method.

We have over the years felt that if your old TV or equipment has given you a good 8-10 years (depending on daily usage) of service, it is probably time to make the change, regardless of its current picture quality or sound. 

If you decide to replace your TV set, make sure that the new one has an ATSC (QAM) tuner. The set could be a new flat panel plasma or LCD, or the same style of CRT (Tube) you may currently have for all are mandated to be available with an ATSC (QAM)  tuner. The ATSC (QAM) tuner is the tuner incorporated into the new converter boxes offered under the government coupon program. That same ATSC (QAM) tuner will allow you to plug the cable directly into the TV when the change date arrives on February 17, 2009. So whatever TV you may decide on purchasing, make sure to ask the salesman about the ATSC (QAM) Tuner. Flat panel TVs all have Digital (ATSC) Tuners.

As far as new Audio or Video equipment goes, many changes have taken place in design to both areas over the years, to provide for one, a better amplifier that runs at reduced cost or better picture processing. So have a professional take a look at your current A/V line up. Their suggestions could supply more features, save running $$ and provide other advantages.

Now what to do with the old stuff. Here at Custom Audio-Video Systems, we try to remove and recycle replaced or non-functioning equipment and either refurbish and donate to a cause, or deliver to a recycling center. I have located a web site that everyone can use to learn how to recycle your old products.  "

Update ......    April 28, 2015     Check out for their methods on Fundraising and Protecting the Environment. Go to where they can tell you how to return old ink cartridges, phones and more for $$$$$$$$.

Update ......    June 26, 2015     E-Waste by the numbers:   

1. Most of the world's e-waste in 2014 was generated in Asia - 16 Million tons or 8.2 lbs. per inhabitant.

2. The highest per inhabitant e-waste quantity (34.4 lbs. per inhabitant) was generated in Europe (incld. Russia) with 11.6 million tons.

3. Americas generated 11.7 million tons of e-waste or an average of 26.9 lbs. per inhabitant

Information from the United Nations University 2014 Global E-Waste monitor.


Comment .....   Many of the materials in the products we use do not go away on their own. We must take on the role to properly dispose of our waste products.  I hope the sites listed above are of help. If we are replacing products in the course of our business together, ask about our refurbish and exchange program.

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