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    SMART HOME - Part 5    Automation     March 2014

    By Bob Lieto

        AUTOMATION.... a word that can have many meanings. We would like to expound on the subject and so our Part #5 in the series.

Automation can take on very different meanings for different lifestyles. We say LIFESTYLES for a very good reason in that automation is suppose to compliment the "Lifestyle" of the people living within the home and automate the systems, sub-systems and give feedback, to enhance the living within that home or the operation of a business or marine vessel.

It could be the automation compares two or more systems to develop a response or action based on programmed limits or settings. Current state is reacted upon coupled with a precise, set time interval.

Example: A household member might like to have the lights turned on when entering the home in the evening hours, they might also like to have their favorite song playing in the Kitchen which is located right next to the entrance from the garage. Automation of this request would require a start, which might be a Smart Phone app "I am Home" which would open the garage door, check the status of the lighting system (remember they like the lights to be on), ramp up the lights needed or adjust the ones not at the correct level or position, check the audio system and select the appropriate song for the Kitchen.

The simple "I am Home" automation is complete and the resident feels welcome and secure. It can be expanded upon by adding a "Check Temperature" series of commands that make sure the home is heated or cooled properly, or add a camera view, on their phone of the space they are concerned with when they enter. The list of what is accurate and what is over-kill is determined by the owner(s) and their lifestyle in this case....coming home to a welcoming of house wide systems.

Automation of  a Vacation Home is another area that can allow the over site of a far away property.  For Example: If we were to install the Climate, Security, Video, and Media sections of a Smart Home System, we could from anywhere, on this side of the planet, get an alert from our security system on our smart phone or computer which would then allow us to look at (Video) our vacation property and contact the authorities if needed. We could also have the highest and lowest (HVAC) temperature setting alert us that there is a problem with our heating or cooling system. Or simply, use the feature to Warm or Cool the facility prior to arrival. Oh, and turn on the music as well. Expanded with the right storage system, your local home base Music and Video Library would be at your fingertips at the remote location.  The situations can be limitless and we hope you get the idea that the systems are derived and driven by lifestyle.

Automation is a very personal lifestyle process enabled by electronics, sensors and systems, and Custom Audio-Video Systems can Design a system that is just right for you.

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