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    SMART HOME - Part 3      Music Streaming    November 2013

    By Bob Lieto

Smart Home type Digital Controllers can do very different things when compared to their Analog cousins. While all are not equal in their offerings, we have taken a Basic Design for Streaming Music to explain how they manage. This System is hinged on having internet access and Wifi capabilities. We start with a Home that has an Analog System with volume controls in each room. Speakers are in place and WiFi exists. So let's explore the lineup.

For starts we are going to replace whatever the system is using for the Analog System Controller (Pre-Amp, Receiver or Head End) with a (1) Digital Controller that has a Network Connection. 

We replace the Analog Amplifier with a (2) Digital Amplifier so it can take steering commands for Room ON/OFF, Volume, Treble, Bass, Source adjustments from the Digital Controller. We connect up the existing speaker wires to the Digital Amplifier. The particular one we are describing is a powered 6 Zone with 2 Pre-amp outputs for additional rooms or areas. The 2 pre-amp areas have additional options. Keep in mind that the power savings of controlling how much power is needed (Volume) and where (Room(s)) is a tremendous savings in Electric and a green factor.

In our analysis, we add a (3) iPod Dock and a (4) Streaming Capable Component (SiriusXM, Rhapsody, vTuner, Pandora) for music choice.

We have elected to add a (5) Handheld Control for remote control of the system from anywhere in the home. This particular control has IR, RF and WiFi capabilities and will define choice when using music services. That is it. Everything needed for unattended Music Streaming and done in 5 pieces. A six zone system, completely Digital with music choice and control wherever you are: Home, Business or Marine vessel, on site or remotely.

Keep in mind, the control can also take on an In-wall type touch panel form if desired. Options can be added to the Digital Controller such as: Thermostat (HVAC) control, Motorized Window Treatments, Lighting (One, All 1st Floor, Basement, Each and Every Light or Yard & Special Lighting) Control, Camera Viewing (On Hand Held Control, Wall Mount Touch Panel or an existing Display), Door Unlocking and more.

Cost of system materials as above.... around 5K$.

And so, the SMART HOME can be exactly that, SMART, CONVENIENT, EVER PRESENT and awaiting your command. Custom Audio-Video Systems installs SMART SYSTEMS, give us a call, we would love to talk about your specific needs. Phone (203) 234-1303

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