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    SMART HOME - Part 4  Analog to Digital Control    January 2014

    By Bob Lieto

Smart Home Part 4

    Switching from Analog Realm to Digital Realm is about converting the everyday things, like systems, their monitoring and control which vary in method of communication and responses to a Control System that communicates with a uniform language that all systems can be designed to and around.

DIGITAL MUSIC SYSTEMS   If your home happens to be hard wired prior, for speakers and a sound system, it can be upgraded to digital. Upgrading to Digital opens the door for the "Internet of Things". Yes, you can incorporate Digital control that can offer all sorts of other time saving solutions to your daily home routine and bring it down into a handy hand-held control or right to your Smart Phone, if desired. If speakers are not directly wired, there are options in wireless speakers that can help fit the system.

Once the Digital System Control is in place, other "Internet of Things" products and components can be added and built on within the WiFi system. Some options might be: Whole House Lighting, Sprinkler Scheduling, Lock Control, HVAC control, and just about any monitoring, addressing and changes to house wide support systems, programmed into the Digital Control. Control.

Call your Electronics Integration company for an evaluation and learn about systems and features that can be added to support a current lifestyle or need. 

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