The TIVO Slide

Model Number C00240

Features: QWERTY Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, directional controls and Select Button

Built-In Bluetooth

Automatic light sensor, backlit keyboard

Compatibile with TIVo Series 3, TIVo HD/HD XL and Premiere / Premiere XL

Custom Audio-Video Systems are authorized resellers on the new TIVo Premiere and TIVo PremirerXL units which connects to your cable service and replaces your cable box, records your favorite shows and help discover new ones with TIVo's new HD interface, records up to 45 hours on the Premiere and up to 150 hours on the Premiere XL, Access the world's largest selection of videos on demand including movies, TV shows, music videos, web videos and more.  THX certified for exceptional sound and video quality, Schedule recordings remotely and take them with you on your laptop or mobile device*, Control live television with pause, rewind, slo-mo and instant replay. Full HD support, including 1080p and 1080i HD formats

What you need: 

Subscription to TIVo service via a broadband or phone line connection, Cable TV, antenna or Verizon FiOS connection (Does not support satellite or AT&T U-verse)

One multistream Cablecard decoder from your cable company (may be required to receive all digital cable channels)

Optional TiVo Wireless network Adapter (for Connection to a wireless network) or TiVo Phone Line adapter (for connecting via a phone line)

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