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    The Death of Plasma   July 2014

     Updated : October 30, 2014

 By Robert Lieto

    Plasma is fading to Black. Just announced that Samsung was shutting down their plasma TV business "due to changes in market demand". Just like Panasonic, Pioneer, Hitachi, Fujitsu and Runco, Samsung will shutter its plant choosing to concentrate on Ultra-High-Definition models in the LED technology. There are still a few Chinese plasma manufacturers but they to will probably be gone by 2016. The remaining Plasma manufacturer is LG.

Manufacturers are increasingly looking to LED/LCD screens even though Plasma is considered to be the best picture quality on the market thanks to brighter images, warmer tones and wider viewing angles. They are being supplanted at the high end of the market by LED technology, which offers comparable picture quality on thinner screens, that use less power.

Comment .....   LG is the remaining manufacturer of the High End Plasma TV and the Plasma continues to dominate the commercial market and so we might see a one manufacturer take all approach.

Update ..... October 30, 2014  LG has announced that they will no longer manufacture Plasma technology TVs. Truly driven by the less expensive LCD/LED and upcoming OLED technology which is the only process that can compete with Plasma black levels.   

Update ..... November 7, 2014  There are still some Plasma sets within the market. Samsung 8500 Series HDTVs are some of the BEST still available and at a discounted cost.




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