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    Ultra Large UHD TV  December 2013

 By Robert Lieto

    Samsung the world's largest player in the Flat Panel business has just announced that it will bring to the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas January 2014, a consumer grade 110" 16:9 UHD LED TV.  Listed at 110 inches diagonal with a price of    $ 150,000.00 USD, which shows the commitment of the TV giant to produce and define the largest in the technology.

If you research past years (2012 - 2013) direction in TVs it would point to both Samsung and LG (second leading TV manufacturer) in a run to produce the first consumer grade OLED technology televisions. Both produced 55 inch models with price tags of  $ 25 - 30K. Both LG and Samsung have backed off the OLED technology as being too complicated and expensive for consumer mid-market sales. Other makers including Sony and Panasonic have broken off from the OLED technology, with the consensus in an effort to make the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with LED backlighting larger and with more pixels. The ability to condense the pixel size smaller, packing more in any given area has produced the Ultra-HD Television, also known as 4K, and renamed because of the number of pixels in the Horizontal plane (Vertical Sweep). 4K has a number of matrixes: 4096 x 1714, 3996 x 2160, 4096 x 2160 and 3840 x 2160 minimum HD designation.

Television sales in the UHD (4K) variety are forecast this year to reach 1.3 million units and climb to 23 million in 2017 with more then half of the sales to be taken by Chinese manufacturers. The new 110 " Samsung are only available in China, Middle East and Europe as of this writing. They could be opening in the USA as of the end of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this January in Las Vegas.

The LG version (105UB9)  is slightly smaller at 105" but with significant differences. The LG model will be in a 21:9 aspect ratio, putting it closer to a commercial movie theater ratio with 5120 x 2160 pixels. It is a curved unit with inability to be hung onto a wall at this writing.

Comment .....   I was not surprised that the OLED TV failed in the real market. The life expectancy on some of the OLED colors was not going to be good. It would eventually develop into a bad marketing campaign, with great monetary losses, especially when someone puts out the many dollars needed to purchase and the technology does not or cannot predict the overall life of the unit. Sony is a great player in the UHD 4K technology and will give a good run in quality over the Korean and Chinese mass market products.

UPDATE: (January 21, 2014) CES 2014 was the year of the BIG TV. Yes Samsung had a 110" beauty, then came LG with 105" Cinema Scope 21:9,  a Flexible 77" OLED, the UB9800 Series 4K Ultra-HD in 65", 79", 84" and 98", A Curved OLED at 55", 65" and 77" and then a 55" flat OLED ("Gallery" OLED), SHARP Qualtron (NOT 4K) but will accept 4K inputs , a 8K LED glasses free 3DTV, Panasonic with their LIFE & SCREEN products with Gesture and Voice control, having Face recognition motion sensors and additionally some 1080p and 4K LED sets,  SONY had three 4K machines: 55" - 85" with model 900B Edge lite LED and 850B & 950B Full array edge lite, and VISIO with the 120" diagonal behemoth... Six (6) ft high by Nine (9) feet long...Price   $175,000 +-?   So, that's it on the TV side. Other products seemed focused on the "Internet of Things" which plays into the smart home scenario of expanded products you can add to your home or business. Interesting a lot of attention was given into the Better Audio Sound products where as folks are recognizing that better sound exists beyond the fast Ipod or streaming compressed variety.

UPDATE: (March 21, 2014) Samsung just announced a 5 UHD TV Line that starts at $2500 for a 50" non-curve model HU-8550 and Flagship HU-9000 in three sizes in 55", 65", and 78" ranging from $3999 - $7999 with the 55 and 65 arriving in April and the 78 arriving in May. They also speculated on a 105" to be released soon. All HU-9000 in CURVED Style.  Interestingly there was no mention of PLASMA, OLED or FLEXIBLE TV as displayed at CES in January 2014.

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