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Custom Audio-Video Systems offers a variety of services centered around the integration of electronic systems to accomplish a specific solution, make a job or function more convenient, or to simply entertain family and friends.


Our Consultation Services are available to all potential clients. It allows us the basic time to get to know our likes, listen to requests and define a plan to meet demand.

Our Design Services are employed by architects, business owners, builders, yacht owners and home owners alike. Bringing to their project a company with a explicit understanding of electronics and a passion for the day to day effort needed to stay abreast of cutting edge technology and methods.

Our Procurement and Sales Services are used to fill in the necessary components derived from our Consultation and Design. We consistently support many more items and skews then the leading electronics retailers. Our products are backed with our warrantee for the first 30 days and continue with the manufactures warrantees there after. Our  MSBO  policy is in effect on all installations. View our Products page for some of our product suggestions.

Our Installation Services typically follow our Design Services and take the necessary laborious steps in assuring the project is put in place as designed, no shortcuts or excuses and each connection is one that will remain in place. We also can provide Construction Management on our larger designed installations.

Custom Services To provide whatever is needed, hardware, software and ingenuity to put forth a custom product which cannot be found straight off the shelf, a unique product fit for its owners' taste, style and budget.

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